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Crowns: The Perfect balance between Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Curtis Couch D.D.S’ crown procedure is the perfect treatment used to strengthen damaged teeth while simultaneously replacing the cosmetic vitality of your smile Curtis Couch D.D.S in Thousand Oaks is passionate about providing a high quality of restorative dentistry while ensuring the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. There is definitely an art when it comes […]

Keep the secret to your smile with Invisalign at Curtis Couch D.D.S

Invisalign is a subtle orthodontic treatment used to fix crooked teeth and give you a better smile There are many benefits to the ‘naked’ orthodontic treatment Invisalign. Here at Curtis Couch D.D.S in Thousand Oaks we are passionate about advanced dental treatments which includes treatments that improve on the more traditional, or old-fashioned procedures. Invisalign […]

Crowns are the king of restorative dentistry

Curtis Couch D.D.S can administer crowns and bridges to mend a variety of dental problems Crowns are sometimes referred to as dental caps and they can be used to cover teeth that have been damaged. You’d be surprised how many people you know have crowns because they are virtually unnoticeable due to the precise tooth-coloured […]

Reinvigorate your smile through cosmetic dentistry

Curtis Couch D.D.S in Thousand Oaks provides platinum-quality cosmetic dentistry and a broad range of treatments Much like a diamond a pearly white and straight smile never goes out of fashion and if cared for properly they won’t tarnish or change. A white and straight smile is a fundamental facial feature and asset that is […]

Research Reveals How a Stronger Smile Makes Life a Whole Lot Better

Are you looking for love? How about more money and success? Do you wish people would trust, and listen to you more? All you have to do is strengthen your smile! An independent study carried out by research firm confirms that individuals with a healthy, stronger smile are thought of as more attractive, financially successful, […]

Have a look at these weird dental inventions!

Thought tooth cleaning was mundane? With these inventions and innovations in dental products you can rediscover the fun and quirkiness of oral hygiene… We have reached an era where dental health is widely known to be critical not only to the mouth but the overall body. With a myriad of articles proving the connection between […]

Experience a full and beautiful smile that can last a lifetime with Dr. Curtis Couch!

Don’t suffer with missing teeth any longer – gain the best in reconstructive dental treatments with Curtis Couch D.D.S Reconstructive dentistry utilizes today’s advanced dental treatments and materials to help you achieve a healthier, more complete smile that can last a lifetime! If you are suffering from broken, chipped or missing teeth, at Curtis Couch […]

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