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The importance of a healthy smile

  Having a healthy set of teeth is not difficult to achieve but it can be essential to your overall health and wellbeing… At Curtis R Couch DDS in Thousand Oaks California we are determined to help our patients maintain their oral health. Often patients are aware of how to keep their teeth clean but are […]

At Curtis R. Couch D.D.S It is All About Long Term Solutions Not Quick Fixes

To ensure your mouth stays healthy for the foreseeable future there are some preventive methods to help decrease the risk of oral diseases… At Curtis R. Couch D.D.S in Thousand Oaks California we pride ourselves on providing long term dental solutions rather than quick fixes that may need replaced in years to come. Following a […]

Fresh Debate! Your Child and the Dentist

There is now a debate surrounding children and fillings The debate is a little more involved than just fillings, but fillings make a significant part of the debate. At the moment there are some dentists who are questioning parents who want their children to have fillings in the baby teeth; and parents questioning why dentists […]

Dental hygiene is the key to a healthy grin with Curtis Couch D.D.S

Here at our dental practice in Thousand Oaks we have seven hygienists who actively work towards improving the hygiene of our patients’ teeth Dental hygiene is used to prevent a myriad of dental issues which can occur within the mouth. The most fundamental thing which it will prevent is the presence of harmful plaque in […]

Restorative Dentistry with Curtis Couch D.D.S

Restorative dentistry can become damaged by neglect or accidental injury While many people visit the dentist to receive cosmetic dentistry such as whitening or veneers, the requirement of restorative dentistry can sneak up on us when we least expect it. Restorative dentistry includes many treatments designed to restore the function as well as aesthetic of […]

Visit Curtis Couch for properly sterilized and safe dentistry

With recent health scares stemming from improperly sterilized dental tools it’s important to visit a dentist who cares about your health as well as your teeth There has been some shocking and disturbing news lately involving the contraction of HIV caused by improper sterilization at a dentist practice in Tulsa. According to recent investigation there […]

Dr. Couch’s top tips to a healthy mouth

A beautiful smile takes more effort than a trip to the dentist… At Curtis Couch D.D.S we see countless smiles every year, and many of these come to us in poor condition because our patients are not fully versed in maintaining optimal oral health at home. As we like to say, you only need to […]

Great tips and tricks for abolishing periodontal disease

Receive all the right information to face gingivitis with the assistance of Dr. Curtis Couch! The oral condition known as gingivitis is a known form of gum illness that produces puffiness or infection of the gums. Gingivitis can cause the gums to develop to be swollen and begin to bleed simply by brushing the teeth, […]

Dentist gives polar bear a root canal!

Usually the patient is scared of the dentist, in this case the dentist was scared of the patient!   Recently a team of dentists, dental nurses and vets had to utilize their skillsets to help relieve a 75-stone polar bear of tooth aches and pains! The team discovered, once the bear was under anesthesia, that […]

Advanced toothbrush can tell parents when their child isn’t brushing!

Innovative new toothbrush teams up with an app to tell parents when their kids are slack   A new toothbrush has teamed up with a phone app to track brushing – meaning you can know when your child is slacking off in their oral health routine! A wireless connection tracks every stroke, making it easy for […]

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