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Chronic Maternal Stress linked to childhood cavities

For the first time Chronic Maternal Stress has been linked to a higher prevalence of cavities in children. A recent study undertaken by King’s College London and the University of Washington has uncovered that Chronic Maternal Stress can be linked to lower probabilities of breastfeeding and dental visits. Researchers found dental cavities were more common […]

The science behind a beautiful smile

A smile is perhaps the single most powerful human expression Studies have proven that a healthy and warm smile can improve self-confidence, influence how others perceive and think about us, and directly increase our success within any working or social environment. A healthy and beautiful smile also has numerous internal health benefits. Let’s take a […]

Dental implants: what replacing a missing tooth means for you

Restore your smile and maintain your oral health with dental implants in Thousand Oaks When you lose a tooth much more is affected than just the appearance of your smile. One tooth lost also affects your jaws, gum and remaining teeth. By replacing just one tooth you can look after your remaining teeth as well […]

What is the biggest cause of dental implant failure?

In this blog we look at the most prevalent reason for dental implant failure Dental implants are one of the best treatment options to replace missing teeth. The treatment involves the dental implant—which acts as an artificial tooth root—and either an implant crown or bridge depending on the number of teeth which need to be […]

Dentist Thousand Oaks CA: Meet our Dentists

Find out why Dr. Couch and his team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and supporting staff have created the ideal dental practice for you. Here at Curtis R. Couch, DDS we practice exceptional dentistry with quality treatments that are performed by skilled, experienced dentists. Get to know our dental team and the treatments available with […]

What is the best way to whiten teeth?

Did you know teeth whitening is the 3rd highest cosmetic treatment in America? When it comes to whitening your teeth there are plenty of options. You can get tooth whitening products from a chemist; some cosmetic surgeons offer it: and then there are dentists. There are even dietary options which can help to keep your […]

What are dental implants

Replacing a missing tooth has never been easier with this restorative treatment When considering your oral health, replacing a missing tooth is important to maintain optimal oral health. But what is the best treatment for your situation? The thing about tooth loss is there can be many different reasons for it. Reasons such as accident, […]

Explaining dental implants with infographics

  Knowing your options when facing tooth loss If you are faced with tooth loss it’s essential to know what the next best thing to your natural tooth is. Fortunately in almost every situation replacing missing teeth with a dental implant is the next best thing to your real teeth. Curtis R. Couch D.D.S in […]

The importance of a healthy smile

  Having a healthy set of teeth is not difficult to achieve but it can be essential to your overall health and wellbeing… At Curtis R Couch DDS in Thousand Oaks California we are determined to help our patients maintain their oral health. Often patients are aware of how to keep their teeth clean but are […]

3 Reasons why you need to replace your missing teeth

Missing teeth should not just be an aesthetic concern; in fact the undesirable look of a gap between two teeth will be the least of your worries once you know what missing teeth can do to your health… If you are missing teeth, receiving treatment should be a priority, by leaving gaps between your teeth […]

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