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How to whiten your teeth

In today’s society, we all seek a brighter and whiter smile, which is why many people decide to undergo teeth whitening treatments to improve the appearance of their smile. Well, what is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening treatments can be performed in many different ways depending on budget and your individual preference. In practice whitening with […]

Dental Implants Before and After Images

See real patient dental implant before and after images and patient testimonials from Curtis R Couch DDS in Thousand Oaks CA. Are you considering replacing one or more of your teeth with dental implants? Dental implants have a number of fantastic benefits for patients compared to alternative tooth replacement methods. Find out the benefits of […]

Dentist Thousand Oaks CA: Meet our Dentists

Find out why Dr. Couch and his team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and supporting staff have created the ideal dental practice for you. Here at Curtis R. Couch, DDS we practice exceptional dentistry with quality treatments that are performed by skilled, experienced dentists. Get to know our dental team and the treatments available with […]

What is the best way to whiten teeth?

Did you know teeth whitening is the 3rd highest cosmetic treatment in America? When it comes to whitening your teeth there are plenty of options. You can get tooth whitening products from a chemist; some cosmetic surgeons offer it: and then there are dentists. There are even dietary options which can help to keep your […]

What does teeth whitening have to do with dental implants?

Restorative dental work isn’t just about restoring function to your smile, the best restorative treatment takes the look, feel and function of your smile into account. If you are missing a tooth the best treatment for that is implant dentistry—that is, provided you have adequate jawbone density and oral health. Without adequate jawbone density there […]

Teeth whitening is an integral part of restoring your smile

Are you happy with the color of your smile? If you could change something about your smile, what would it be? Do you wish your teeth were a little whiter? A little longer? Are there chips and cracks you’d like to conceal? Want to make the change but aren’t sure how to get started? Curtis […]

Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just A Scratch – How Teeth Whitening Can Help Solve Craze Lines

Do you have lines on your teeth? Do they look like scratches or cracks? Remain calm! These thin cracks or scratches down your teeth are really just ‘craze lines’ and can be solved with non-invasive teeth whitening treatments. Here at Dr. Curtis Couch’s clinic in Thousand Oaks California we offer an effective teeth whitening treatment […]

7 Dental Myths: Or Why Looking After Your Teeth At Home Is So Important

A Combination of Good Oral Hygiene and Regular Check-Ups Can Help Maintain Your Smile For Longer Here at Curtis R. Couch D.D.S. in Thousand Oaks we thought we’d look at the validity of 7 dental myths. Some are true (and so aren’t really myths…) and others are not so much myths as misconceptions that have […]

Dental Bonding and What It Can Do for You

Dental bonding is an alternative to veneers If your teeth are discolored, chipped, cracked or misaligned then dental bonding may be the answer for you. Sometimes our teeth become discolored beyond the help of even the best tooth whitening treatments. When this happens at Curtis R. Couch D.D.S. in Thousand Oaks we have a range […]

How to Improve Your Smile!

Improving Your Smile Has Never Been Easier With Curtis R. Couch D.D.S Whether you want to look after, improve or restore you smile, Curtis R. Couch D.D.S in Thousand Oaks has a treatment to suit your needs. Dr. Curtis Couch and his skilled and friendly team are here to provide you with the best that […]

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